Our Team & Our STORY


Mike Sagun, CPcc

Mike is a certified professional men’s coach. He has a BA in Education and spent 10 years as a teaching artist coaching young people. He trained with Challenge Day and with Lincoln Center Education in NYC. In 2017, Mike delivered a TEDx Talk about the significance for young people to have trusted adults in their lives. Recognizing the impact and importance of deep emotional health propelled him into his coaching career. After graduating from Coaches Training Institute, Mike launched his coaching practice with the purpose of creating safe spaces for men to think deeply about themselves and to develop skills for living authentic lives. Since then, Mike has partnered with companies like DropBox, LinkedIn, Google, Kaiser Permanente, and Saje Wellness. Mike also partners with EVRYMAN, where he hosts men’s groups, facilitates men’s retreats, coaches individuals, and co-leads EVRYMAN’s diversity and inclusion program. When Mike isn’t coaching, hosting webinars, or developing ways to help men grow, you can find him with dirty hands, either planting succulents and cacti or in the kitchen cooking with his husband, Jerry. Mike, Jerry, and their pit-bull rescue, Bert, live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


Chris Wilson

Chris has extensive experience as an elite athlete, a sales executive and a life/business coach. After high school, Chris raced international triathlons and attended Norwich University Military Academy. After just one year, he left college to chase his dream of racing bicycles in Europe. At the age of 22 he broke both arms in a cycling accident. This launched him out of cycling and into the workforce without a college degree. He started his sales career by landing an exclusive job at Yahoo’s largest advertising partner - Chitika. He excelled in sales and over the next 7 years went on to work with companies like HubSpot, Cloud Provider, Nanigans and Localytics. Realizing he wanted something different, Chris quit sales and, along with Stephen Warley, started the modern business podcast Unstuckable. He became the learner in residence at the Uncollege Guided Gap Year Program, where he created Designing Your Year. This journey led him to Mike, and he found his calling as a men’s coach. Chris lives in San Francisco with his fiance, Anna, and loves helping men live their life from the inside out like he has.


Our Story.

Chris was wearing an ice cream costume and Mike was dressed as pablo escobar…


Halloween 2013, both Mike and Chris attended the same party in San Francisco. Chris was wearing an ice cream costume and Mike was dressed as Pablo Escobar. They danced, partied, and added each other on Facebook. And for the next 4 years, they were just that -Facebook friends - acquaintances who shared a few mutual friends and interests.

Fast forward 4 years later to 2017. Mike had just given a TEDx Talk and Chris was working on a project called Designing Your Year after teaching social emotional learning at Uncollege.

Through the power of Facebook messenger, Mike and Chris reconnected over a shared interest in coaching. And their friendship and partnership began.

They quickly found a groove partnering on several different projects together: a weekly online talk show, webinars, men’s retreats, men’s groups, meetups, a podcast, and finally landing on The Unshakable Man.

We are not therapists or psychologists.
We are not counselors or consultants.

We’re men’s coaches.

We believe that men need other men in their lives to help push, challenge, and love them with extreme non-judgement and safety. We believe that the lone-wolf mentality isn’t serving men today and should be kept a myth. And we believe that men are the experts of their emotions and need help accessing them in ways that are healthy and productive.

Research and statistics show that men are in pain, burnt out at work and home, often don’t ask for help, and are prone to suffering in silence, doing it all alone.

The consequences are devastating.

We create a sacred container for men to express their full range of emotions. And our process is rooted in slowing down, opening up, and connecting to ourselves and other people.

We believe that men have infinite resources within themselves to get what they want in life, and that it takes guidance, support, accountability, awareness and a process.

But we’re not here to fix or solve problems. That's not our job. Our job is to bring clarity into a man’s life that will serve him. As coaches, we along with our clients, co-create a life that will serve the man.

We use breathwork, self-awareness techniques and a proven process to help men observe themselves with guidance along the way.

As men’s coaches, we get to be your friend and confidant. We also get to call you out on your bullshit.

The unshakable man.

We specialize in coaching men.

The Unshakable Man is an organization focused on men’s total health & wellness, success, purpose, and fulfillment. We are passionate about helping men rediscover their confidence, while honoring the man that they’ve become.

Our mission is to serve men by providing resources and services to connect men to themselves, their important relationships, and their purpose in life.

We started this organization because current men’s mental health statistics are concerning- increased male suicides, anxiety, depression, and loneliness/isolation. There seems to be a mass shooting every weekend. And violence against women and the LGBTQ+ community are still on the rise.

Chris and Mike are devoted to empowering men to live their lives from the inside out by developing emotional literacy, energy awareness, and taking deliberate action in their life and work. At the end of the day, when men figure out who they are, how they want to be, and they put this knowledge into action... everyone in our world benefits.

When we’re not coaching and running a business, we’re…

…Facilitating workshops and retreats.

…exercising and moving our bodies.


…hanging with our partners.


…putting on our fur coats and dancing to deep house.


…and sitting in our evryman men’s group.