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What Emotional Awareness Means To Me.

If emotional awareness is how I experience my life. Then my level of emotional awareness decides how much of my life I get to experience and what my experience of my life is.

This means emotional awareness is everything to me. I want to learn as much about emotional awareness as I can in order to experience as much of my life as possible and to have an affect on the life that I am experiencing. Then I want to support all of my tribe in being as emotionally aware as is possible for themselves and me too. Because this only helps the group.

Imagine you lived a 90 year life.

Here’s an image from to help you do this.


Another way of thinking about this is - emotions are the sauce of life.

Now, imagine eating bland cardboard tasteless crap for all 90 years.

Wouldn't you want to eat amazing pizza and delectable fruits and veggies with a wide array of tastes and smells and textures?

This is your emotional spectrum.

My emotional awareness is how I experience my life. This is mind bending and blowing to me at the same time.

This means I am not my emotions.

This means there is a CAPTIOL - I in the middle of my universe and MY EMOTIONS are separate running around all around me.

If I train myself to be aware of this concept I can pick and choose how I experience these emotions.

This means in one world I can have a horrible life. A bland life. A painful life. A destructive life.

This mean in another world I can have a wonderful experience of my life. A multifaceted. A broad spectrum. A full featured life. A constructive life.

Like a black & white TV or 4K or Virtual Reality Life!

I don't mean to get poetic here but emotions are the sauce of life.

I want to be able to choose the sauces I like, reduce the ones I don't and to create the one's I love and want to use again and again.

This is emotional awareness to me.