Resources For Men

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The Micro Morning Ritual Guide + Course

Based on the Tiny Habit Method created by Dr. BJ Fogg at Stanford University. This 15 min course will teach you how to create a 5 step micro morning ritual, that is super powerful, and that you can do even if you are rushed, busy and don’t have more than 3 min in the morning.


Vocabulary of Emotions Worksheet

When you don’t know how you feel… Look it up! Increase your emotional vocabulary with this useful worksheet. Use this worksheet to find 3 feeling terms to describe any emotional episode you are experiencing/recalling. This worksheet is our most popular reference used by individuals, couples and in our EVRYMAN men’s groups.

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60 Min - Emotional Awareness workshop

This training covers the profound concept of emotional awareness and how working on your emotional awareness can change your life. You will learn the 8 skills of emotional awareness and 3 exercises you can do to begin working on your emotional awareness as a skill in daily life.

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60 Min - Stress Training

8 out of 10 adults experience daily stress. It's become a widespread epidemic. In this training you will learn the latest research on stress, a breathwork technique that will bring you immediate relief in stressful situations, and a full body 15-minute guided meditation.

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8 Pillars Of The Unshakable Man Process (InfoGRAPHIC)

Discover the 8 Pillars of The Unshakable Man Process and learn how this proven system works to help you feel calm and get you out of fight or flight. We teach men to connect with their story and purpose so they can have a clear direction in life. This is a guide to the Unshakable Man Process.