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stress & burnout

8 in 10 American adults experience daily stress. And millennials are now labeled The Burnout Generation. Studies show, money and status have higher values than self-care and it’s harming us. Do you experience daily stress and burnout?

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19.1 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorder. It is the most common mental health issue in America. However, many men with anxiety disorder don’t ask for help. Are you suffering from anxiety?

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loneliness & isolation

Loneliness is now an epidemic. And it is now considered more dangerous than smoking a pack of cigarettes and day and obesity. The lone-wolf will always be a myth. We are not meant to go at life alone. Do you feel lonely and isolated?

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Men are aiming and shooting at targets that aren’t there. Without a life purpose, men are more at risk for physical health problems, mental illness, and early death. Are you aiming at a target that isn’t there?

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Self-confidence is the ability to walk into any situation without knowing the outcome and being ok with it. Without it, men’s relationships with themselves and others’ suffer. Do you lack self-confidence?

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Based on Charles Horton Cooley’s the Looking-Glass Self Theory, we are the reflection of how we think we appear to others. That perception can lead us into a life that is unfulfilling. Are you confident about your identity?

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Men feel the pressure to succeed and after each milestone, they push to gain more. 67% of millennials feel like they haven’t done enough in their life. Have you reached success, but feel the need to do more?

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9.8 million American men have an alcohol use disorder (AUD). 6 million American men suffer from depression. And the highest demographic of suicides in America are committed by men ages 45-65. Are you feeling disconnected?

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lost & confused

At the core of our decision making lives our core values. And there’s dissonance when our core values don’t match with the decisions we’ve made - leaving men feeling lost and confused. Do you feel lost and confused in life?

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breath-work & meditation

Breathwork and meditation is at the foundation of the work we do. When we own our breath, nobody can steal our peace. Breathwork energizes and calms our minds and bodies. And a meditation practice grows our self-awareness. Our breath is power. Our breath is life. Do you want a breathwork and meditation practice?

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emotional awareness

We are the experts of our own emotions. No one else is. Emotions are not good or bad. They are not positive or negative. However, how we react to them can be either productive or unproductive. And they can either be of service or disservice to our growth. Developing emotional awareness is imperative. Do you have the courage to get real with your emotions?

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healthy habits

Where we are right now is a consequence of our choices, habits, and patterns. Developing healthy habits propels our lives and it impacts how we move through this world. Awareness of our physical and emotional habits gives us insight on what needs to change. What would your life look like if you had more healthy habits?

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An antidote for loneliness and depression is a deep sense of connection with your self and others’. It’s in our nature to want to feel connected with a sense of belonging. The work starts with unearthing all the beliefs we have about ourselves. When we feel secure, we start to connect with our higher purpose in life. How different would your life look if you felt more connected to yourself and others?

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life assessment

Our stories and values dictate the decisions we make - some of these decisions hold us back from actually getting what we want. Taking an honest life assessment and re-evaluating your core values will bring light to what’s working and what’s not working in your life. From here, you can start to make changes with will serve you. Do you have the courage to take an honest life assessment?

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We all have a purpose. Some of us have multiple purposes. Research shows that men with a life purpose live healthier, longer, more satisfied lives. Research also shows that having a life purpose decreases chances of physical and mental health problems. Men are often adopt a purpose that isn’t their own, leaving them feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with life. Are you ready to live a life of purpose and meaning?

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